Tanner Taylor

Driven, Passionate, Creative

Image of my son and I.
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About Me

I grew up as the oldest of seven children, so I can handle anything. Coming from a big family taught me a lot and despite all the quarrelling that was sure to happen, we all loved each other very much and still do to this day.

We grew up in Mesa, Arizona and moved to Cache Valley, Utah shortly after I started high school. It was during high school that I discovered software development and grew to love it.

After high school, I met Erica. She was gorgeous and smart and everything I ever wanted. We dated and were married not long after that. We have a son and a daughter together and continue to enjoy each other's company more and more every day.

My Passion

Nothing, aside from my family, makes me happier than software development. My dad had some old text books from programming courses he took in college and I stumbled across one in high school: a beginners Java book. Intrigued, I read it and performed the exercises. I loved it! I suppose my mind was naturally suited for the logical aspect of developing a program and the creative aspect of designing one.

I've programmed for years since then as a hobby. Near the end of 2015, I began programming macros at work to automate my job and eventually began distributing the macros to automate others' jobs as well. After a few months, these macros began to make a visible impact in financial reports and hiring projections. A chief officer for the company took notice and requested I be moved to IT as an official software developer in March 2016. I've been working professionally since then and studying to receive a formal degree in Software Development from Western Governors University.

My Interests

I have a number of hobbies aside from development. I love video games, reading, and genealogy. I take an active interest in politics. I consider myself a libertarian, but I'm also open-minded and have never let differing opinions prevent me from making friends. I'm not the greatest about exercise, but when I do try to be active, my favorite thing to do is backpacking or hiking.